Feeder Series LRAF ZigZag Deflection Feeder

LRAF ZigZag Deflection Feeder

LRAF Left/Right Deflection Feeder


  • For the other forms of processing, can save 1 / 2 or more materials.
  • Support the use of linear bearings, tie rod slide, no bath sounds, wear resistance, load light, shifting rapidly.
  • Shorten feeding time.
  • Use of electronic control, choice feeding time.
  • Simple operation, easy maintenance, precision and accurate.


Models Maximum deflection size Suitable for feeder
LRAF-100 100mm AF-4C,AF-5C
LRAF-150 1500mm AF-5C,AF-6C
LRAF-200 200mm AF-7C,AF-8C
LRAF-250 250mm AF-8C,AF-9C
LRAF-300 300mm AF-10C,AF-11C

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