Feeder Series GF Gripper Feeder

GF Gripper Feeder

GF Gripper Feeder

Gripper feeder:

  • Tt used especial mechanical structure to brake traditional working and achieved high speed probably(spm1200).Our target is to raise production,reduced cost,improved product quality.
  • Suitable for exceed thin material feeder,supply will be more stabilization,feeder distance will be more exactness.
  • Gripper feeder which is face to face contract,so that it doesn't left dent on material surface.It is suitable for aluminum Alloy,stainless steel,copper,iron and plating surface material.It is also used for second time project machining.
  • It is adopted strap style drive,scale type adjusting,easy to operation,great stability.
  • The machine is integrally formed which can avoid produce resonance when the machine pressing,and effect feeder precision.


Models GF-906N GF-1512N
Material width(mm) 0-90 0-150
Material thickness(mm) 60 120
Material thickness(mm) 0.1-1.5
Feeder angle 180 (degree)
Loosen angle (adjust)
Installation position (left)
Feeder direction left←→right
Material line height(mm) 60-120
Weight(KG) 188 220

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