Uncoiler/Decoiler Series CR Decoiler/Uncoiler

CR Decoiler/Uncoiler

CR Decoiler/Uncoiler


Supported by vertical shaft,this model has direct motor connection,coupling output structure and has worm wheel and worm screw to low down speed.Little occupation,high speed reduction ratio,stable operation,simple structure,low failure rate,and convenient loading.Save your time and your work.This model consists of frame,support unit,gear box,motor,electric control box,and sensing frame or micro unit.


Automatic feeding of metal or nonmetal thin sheet coil and waste material winding,suitable for various metal plants and electronic parts processing plants.


Models Max.Width Material O.D. MaterialI.D. Max.Load Power
CR-200 200mm ⌀1000mm ⌀300-400mm 200kg AC3-phase voltage 380vV

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